IMG secures, maintains and improves the connectivity infrastructure in more than 180 million square feet of commercial property.

We Help Property Managers & Owners:

  • Enhance tenant satisfaction
  • Attract and retain tenants
  • Reduce risks from unexpected outages
  • Be prepared for new technology

IMG Riser Management ensures reliable connectivity for your business.

We Help Tenants:

  • Set up and maintain reliable office connectivity
  • Evaluate voice, data, internet & cloud options
  • Install new services
  • Get competitive, no-obligation quotes with IMG Connect

IMG's Dedicated Team of Problem Solvers

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Solutions to Enhance your Building's Connectivity

IMG Riser Management

IMG secures, maintains and improves the connectivity infrastructure, or riser, in your building.


IMG Audit

IMG evaluates the condition of your infrastructure and reports on carriers, services and equipment on site. We provide an at-a-glance summary so tenants know what’s available.


IMG Restore

IMG restores your riser to its optimal condition by removing abandoned cabling and equipment so you’re prepared for future upgrades.


IMG Connect

We provide tenants with one-stop shopping for voice, internet, TV and cloud-service orders—from evaluating options and getting quotes to installation.


IMG Carrier Builds

IMG can analyze your connectivity and help you add carriers to your property – providing you with a connectivity roadmap for the future.