Riser Restoration

Riser Restoration

We specialize in restoring building riser systems to their optimal working condition. Over the years, cabling accumulates. We provide thorough cleanup of your entire riser in order to:

Make room for service upgrades

Each square inch of unidentified cabling or abandoned equipment in the riser makes future expansion difficult. Restoration makes expansion possible.


Minimize risk

A high volume of abandoned cable poses a fire hazard. IMG provides thorough cleanup of your entire riser so it’s fully code compliant.


Maintain structural integrity

Restoration frees up riser space so there’s no need to drill additional cores to add new cabling.


Respond more quickly to tenant needs

Reclaimed riser space enables you to accommodate tenant and building expansion more quickly.

Riser restoration services include:

  • Removal of abandoned cabling in accordance with NEC requirements
  • Identification of any untagged cabling
  • Re-tie wrap existing wiring
  • Installation of fire stops in risers, as required by local fire or building codes
  • Removal of old or unused equipment in riser closets
  • Complete cleaning of riser closets throughout your building