IMG Audit

IMG Audit

A riser audit is a comprehensive inspection of the telecom connectivity equipment and infrastructure in your building. An IMG Audit will enable you to:

Establish a baseline

Current and prospective tenants want to know which carriers and services are available in your building. Audits provide detailed information that leasing, property management and engineering staff can use to make decisions quickly about tenant expansions, new tenants or tenants vacating the property.


Know your competitive position

How well does your building measure up to industry standards for connectivity? Which carriers and services are in your building?  An audit is the first step toward understanding and improving your competitive position.


Identify risks and protect valuable space in your core

Telecom carriers come and go, often leaving behind cabling and equipment. An audit identifies abandoned equipment and other hazards.


Discover opportunities to enhance services

Do you have enough carriers and services to keep your tenants satisfied? The audit can identify whether new carriers or equipment upgrades are needed to improve overall connectivity and improve tenant satisfaction.

Our technicians start all initial audits at the top floor then inspect each Main and Satellite Riser Closet on all floors and the main telecom equipment room, also known as the NetPOP (Network Point of Presence) or MPOE (Main Point of Entry).


Summarize the results with a Building Connectivity Overview

After our initial riser audit, IMG will produce a Building Connectivity Overview. The overview highlights on-net carriers and services available to tenants. It also notes if additional carriers are available. Each overview can be customized with logos, pictures and building or leasing contact information.

Online Reporting with IMG Advantage

Audit results and building reports are available on IMG Advantage, our online riser management reporting platform. It includes the following:

Riser Availability Report

  • Identifies and documents all carrier and tenant equipment, available space and condition of each riser closet


  • Identifies and documents ALL carriers/providers accessing building(s)
  • Identifies and documents carrier/provider equipment, underground services and high capacity (HI-CAP)
  • Identifies and documents existing building-owned equipment with accompanying infrastructure
  • Identifies and documents conditions within the NETPOP/MPOE
  • Identifies and documents locations of all fiber cabinet(s)
  • Identifies and documents pair counts, available pairs and pairs in use

Building Activity Report

  • Interfaces ALL activity with our customer service platform to ensure riser information is accurate and current

Web-based Requests and Work Orders

  • All tenant requests or work orders received by email or phone into our call center are immediately entered into our integrated web-based ticketing system. The riser management platform concurrently updates the riser reports, eliminating errors and improving accuracy.