IMG Rooftop Services

IMG Rooftop Services

IMG can assess existing rooftop antennas and equipment, along with leases and revenue statements to determine whether additional revenue might be available. We can identify rooftop or exterior space that can be marketed to telecommunication carriers, and help negotiate equipment leases. IMG's Rooftop Antenna Management services will help you:

Audit Existing Rooftop Environment

  • Conduct an inventory of your building’s current wireless equipment
  • Identify undervalued or uncompensated revenues
  • Report on RF safety, interference and sustainability


Improve Revenue

  • Correct uncompensated revenue of current leases
  • Market property as rooftop and micro cell friendly to new carriers


Add Value to Property

  • Maximize revenue potential
  • Maintain aesthetic and structural integrity
  • Simplify rooftop management with turnkey solution and eliminate management and ownership headaches